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DRAK Duradrakon

DRAK Duradrakon

  • Re-mineralising salt mixture for very soft water
  • Raises total hardness and carbonate hardness
  • For RO water and rainwater
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This hardening salt mixture is suitable only for Aquarium water with adequate free CO2 (preferred is when the CO2 is produced by a controlled CO2 system) and where there is a pH-value wide under 7 (preferred RO - as well as DM-water), because otherwise some components only disperse slowly or not at all!

Pure reverse osmosis-water is not suitable, except for a few special cases, (pure circulation-pools, black water biotope), for direct application in the aquarium. The few available mineral substances that it still contains are too quickly used-up. To supply fish and plants it is therefore sensible and correct, that the water used should be hardened to a total hardness / carbonate hardness value of 1 - 3 ° dH. Those that do not wish to do this by blending together with drinking water or that are not in a position to do it, (e.g. the origin water would be too polluted!), will need a hardening salt mixture, that supplies the water with a pre-defined dosage of mineral substances.


According to the situation, whether one prefers to increase the total hardness or the carbonate hardness, are the dosages (slightly) different:

To increase about 1 °d TH you will need approx. 2.8 g Duradrakon / 100 l water.

To increase about 1 °d CH you will need approx. 3.6 g Duradrakon / 100 l water.

With a dosage of approx. 3.6 g Duradrakon per 100 l water, the following amounts of important ions are added:
22.3 mg/l hydrogencarbonate, 6.2 mg/l calcium, 5.3 mg/l sulfate, 3.6 mg/l chloride, 2.0 mg/l sodium, 1.9 mg/l magnesium, 0.8 mg/l potassium, trace elements



Aquarium plant fertilisers, water conditioners, re-mineralising salts and supplies for marine aquaristics made by a specialist. Dr. Andreas Kremser (DRAK) offers a wide product range for aquarium plant enthusiasts. Besides micronutrient fertilisers like his Ferrdrakon complete iron fertiliser he offers macronutrients as well as micronutrient fertilisers for special purposes like the KramerDrak - complete iron fertiliser for strongly lit tanks.

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Jochen S.
Präzise Aufhärtung von Umkehrosmosewasser
30th December 2016
DRAK - Duradrakon - 1.000 g
DRAK - Duradrakon - 1.000 g

Härte mit 21,6 Gramm Duradrakon verlässlich 300 Liter Umkehrosmosewasser von KH 0 auf KH 2 auf. Das Pulver kommt bei mir in einen Becher und wird mit stark kohlensäurehaltigem... (read more)

Ralf M.
10th May 2016
DRAK - Duradrakon - 500 g
DRAK - Duradrakon - 500 g

Mit Angabe zum Inhalt. So sollte es sein. Löst sich leicht auf.... (read more)

Tobias S.
2nd September 2013
DRAK - Duradrakon - 100 g
DRAK - Duradrakon - 100 g

Löst sich sehr schlecht, trotz passender Dosierung und viel CO2 im Tank. Ich geh mal von Userfehler aus ;-).

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