Aquael Platinum Heater

Aquael Platinum Heater

  • Fully electronic glass heater
  • Available in 8 sizes
  • With built-in thermometer
  • Range of temperature 20° to 33°C
  • Easy temperature setting by using One Touch System
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The Platinum Heater by Aquael is a fully electronic glass heater with a built-in thermostat. It has an accuracy of +/- 0,4 °C. The heating range lies between 20 to 33 °C. To set the desired temperature of the rod, only one button is needed.
Furthermore, a ceramic heat sink is used to cool the heater and to prevent it from overheating. This mechanism influences the longevity of the heater positively. Since the heating rod sets the temperature very precisely, it is suitable especially for aquariums with sensitive aquatic animals because a constant temperature can be maintained. Also an increase in temperature can contribute to the vitatlity of fish, e.g. after diseases.

The Platinum Heater has 9 different versions from 25 to 500 Watt.

Manual Platinum Heater - - download PDF


  • Convenient temperature setting through One Touch System
  • Temperature range from 20 to 33°C
  • Ideal for aquariums with sensitive animals
  • Long service life
  • 9 different versions
  • 500 W version including protective cover for large fish such as angelfish
  • Accuracy of 0,4°C

Technical Data

Aquael Platinum Heater - 25 Watt
Capacity in litres 10 - 25 l
Power Output in Watt 25 W
Height 205 mm
Aquael Platinum Heater - 50 Watt
Capacity in litres 15 - 50 l
Power Output in Watt 50 W
Height 225 mm
Aquael Platinum Heater - 75 Watt
Capacity in litres 35 - 75 l
Power Output in Watt 75 W
Height 225 mm
Aquael Platinum Heater - 100 Watt
Capacity in litres 60 - 100 l
Power Output in Watt 100 W
Height 245 mm
Aquael Platinum Heater - 150 Watt
Capacity in litres 90 - 150 l
Power Output in Watt 150 W
Height 285 mm
Aquael Platinum Heater - 200 Watt
Capacity in litres 130 - 200 l
Power Output in Watt 200 W
Height 274 mm
Aquael Platinum Heater - 250 Watt
Capacity in litres 180 - 250 l
Power Output in Watt 250 W
Height 360 mm
Aquael Platinum Heater - 300 Watt
Capacity in litres 230 - 300 l
Power Output in Watt 300 W
Height 360 mm
Aquael Platinum Heater - 500 Watt
Capacity in litres 300 - 1.000 l
Power Output in Watt 500 W
Height 360 mm



The aquarium company Aquael, based in Poland, is known for its innovative and affordable aquarium accessories. With a passion for ecological technologies, the company's products aim to support the lives of animals and inspire aquarists for a more natural experience.
Their wide range of products therefore includes everything for a successful underwater experience. Not only small and large aquariums, with or without base cabinets, but also aquarium technology such as filters, heaters, automatic feeders and small parts including scissors and fishing nets - Aquael has thought of everything.

General information

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