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JBL ProScan

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Michele G.
Ottimo prodotto
30th December 2019
JBL - ProScan - Test kit
JBL - ProScan - Test kit

Ottimo prodotto, ho azzardato a fare lordine il 23 di dicembre, secondo tracciatura, loro sono stati precisissimi, il 24 era gia in Italia, come da prevvisione. (read more)

Arttu-Tapio P.
New-ish technology with stable result
28th January
JBL - ProScan - Test kit
JBL - ProScan - Test kit

I used this one time at my aquarium at it gave quite realible results! Maybe isnt in the long run as good as liquid test but it is a good company for them

Carlos Baia Mendes
9th May
JBL - ProScan - Test kit
JBL - ProScan - Test kit

I bought because I thought it was cool and easy to use but results are VERY NOT RELIABLE! it gives random values and it is not useful if you need to keep an eye on your water... (read more)

Vincent V.
Very easy to use !
5th March 2018
JBL - ProScan - Refill
JBL - ProScan - Refill

It's very easy to use ! This kit allows a quick and easy first follow-up of the main water values.

Sven M.
Sehr ungenau! aller 5min andere Werte.
28th December 2015
JBL - ProScan - Test kit
JBL - ProScan - Test kit

Bin sehr enttäuscht! 1. Brauch man Hellen nicht Blendende Tageslicht. Die App erkennt oft die scankarte nicht und macht die Kamera unscharf trotz Autofocus. Das nervt ziemlich. (read more)