ISTA Shrimp Feeding Dish

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Aaron C.
feeding dish
6th September 2020

Item is great to keep food from the substrate especially in shrimp tanks. Very good workmanship an easy to clean as well.

Jurgen D.
Fast shipment, great packaging
22nd April 2021

Fast shipment, great packaging, Great service, again :) It is a pleasure to order at this webshop. Sincerely very recommended

Razvan A.
Good quality !
20th February 2020

Good quality glass. Even though the dimensions are clearly displayed on the website I somehow imagined it bigger. Perfect for shrimps! Good investment.

Dražen J.
Must have!
12th November 2018

Excellent accessory for shrimp feeding. Small enough so you can put it even in heavily planted tank. I highly recommend it.

Drazen M.
Avoid food polluting soil
2nd June 2020

Shrimp are messy eaters, and if you drop the food directly on the soil, it will penetrate polluting water and enabling the proliferation of unwanted guests (planaria!). (read more)