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Shirakura Black Water Fulvo+ 100 ml

Shirakura Black Water Fulvo+ 100 ml

  • Contains organic acids and natural vitamins
  • Rich in trace elements
  • Mimics the natural habitat of bee shrimps
  • Increases the shrimps' activity
  • Lowers the pH slightly
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Shirakura Black Water Fulvo+ - Conditioner is a mixture of organic acids, natural vitamins and trace elements that replicates the Bee Shrimp habitat.

Organic acids such as fulvic acids are abundant in the natural habitat of bees available and increase the activity of shrimp. They improve the growth and reproduction of the animals, enable beneficial bacteria and reduce mold and algae growth.

Shirakura Black Water Fulvo+ can lowering the pH. It even has a value of 6.5 and therefore i not worth further lowers down. It don't reduce the functional time of the » Red Bee Sand soil and was developed and produced specifically for the joint application.


  • Very good efficacy when used together with the liquid minerals Liquid Mineral Ca+


  • 1- 2 ml (15 - 30 drops) for about 20 liters Aquarium water per week
  • On new set up or for fresh water on water changes please use double dosage


  • Do not overdose
  • If the aquarium water is still cloudy after 1 - 2 days, make a partial water change

Unit size

100 ml in resealable bottle



The range of products by Shirakura, designed to meet the needs of bee shrimps, includes substrate, basic feed and special rearing feed as well as several mineral water additives and conditioners. Together they create perfect ambient conditions, which are of great importance for the bee shrimps' health, growth, colourfulness and breeding.

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Olaf M.
25th May 2014

Der Zusatz trübt das Wasser deutlich, aber dass ist auch so gewollt. Die Wasserwerte sehen danach auch besser aus.