daytime matrix 140.0 B-stock

daytime matrix 140.0 B-stock

  • Aluminum profile with connection cable for converter
  • Supplied without LED modules!
  • Power supply (converter) has to be bought separately!
  • Dustproof and waterproof (IP67)
  • B-stock
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The daytime matrix-series is setting new standards by combining variability, functionality and aesthetics. Just as unique as your own tank!
Provide the inhabitants of your tank with long term habitat-appropriate lighting by the help of this modern, innovative and high-quality LED lights. In addition to the high, spot-like light intensity (up to 1.800 lumen per cluster-module-surface of 52x52mm) the cluster creates natural light reflections, curl and shadow effects inside the tank. You will be delighted by the nearly limitless variability!

The sturdy aluminium profile is very resistant due to the anodization of its surface. Even in harsh salt water environment.

The sophisticated setup combines a timeless design with an ideal heat regulation. Due to a relatively large surface area heat dissipation is extraordinary and makes for a prolonged life of more than 50.000 hours without any significant loss of light output. Centrepiece of this lamp is the latest LED technology of market leader SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR (SSC).

Regarding the range of white light, this LED has an efficiency of up to 230 lm/W and a CRI (colour light index) of up to 90. This saves up to 50% energy compared to conventional lamps while simultaneously increasing the brilliance.

Particularly noteworthy is the contacting of the LED modules which was specially developed for the matrix-series. It enables arbitrary placement of the modules. You can mount the modules on your own conveniently to the LED profile. So you can, for example, mount the modules densely over particular groups of light-hungry plants. Even a subsequent upgrade of a matrix is possible.

By means of the daytime BC16 daytime matrix can be controlled and dimmed. This makes daytime sequences, sunrises and sunsets and even break times possible.

All important information compactly summarized: Daytime - Infoflyer

daytime - matrix lights in larger sizes are available individually on request. For an offer, please send us an email to

If there are any questions about the configuration, we will be happy to help via email. We will be happy to advise or put together a completely customised daytime LED lighting system.

Manual matrix - - download PDF


  • Supplied without LED-Modules - These must be ordered separately
  • Easy installation of the modules on your own - even retrospectively
  • Universal Adaptor is already integrated in the profile (extendable)
  • Several other adaptors are also available
  • There are special Adaptor-Profiles for covers by EHEIM and JUWEL
  • 24V Converter is additionally required in any case
  • Up to 230 lumen per Watts
  • Sturdy, slim aluminium profile with best heat regulation
  • Anodized layer for highest hardiness
  • incl. splash guard - increases cleaning comfort to a maximum (can be removed for cleaning)
  • GORE-membrane acts as guarantor for constant conditions inside the lamp (pressure equalization and keeping out humidity
  • LED-technology of market leader (SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR)
  • Very good colour rendering up to CRI 90
  • 120° angle of radiation
  • Position-independent modular construction of the LED modules
  • LED life span of aprox. 60.000 hours
  • Dust and waterproof (IP67)
  • B-stock

Note - B-stock

This item is sold as B-stock. The packaging of the item is damaged. The item shows scratches (see product photos).


Profile Max. possible Modules
matrix 140.0 12 Modules


daytime matrix 140.0
Profile length without adapters 1.350 mm
Suitable for aquariums
with universal adapter (included) 1.380 - 1.484 mm
with Swing-Adaptor 1.350 - 1.484 mm
with Insertion / Bolt On-Adaptor 1.380 - 1.484 mm

Other adaptors, such as a cable suspension for up to three LED profiles are also available.

There are special adaptor profiles for covers by Eheim, which allow a very simple conversion.



Daytime LED aquarium lighting - made in Germany - is one of the most efficient LED lighting manufacturers in the aquarium industry. The illumination systems daytime matrix, daytime onex, daytime pendix and daytime eco offer most flexible and individual solutions for brilliant aquarium illumination. The daytime lights are equipped with leading quality LEDs from SSC (SEOUL SEMI CONDUCTERS) with an efficiency of up to 230 lumens per watt and an outstanding colour rendering index (CRI) of up to 90. All daytime luminaries are water- and dust resistant with IP 67, DIN EN 60529 certificate. The lifespan lies at around 60.000 hours. All daytime lights are anodized and resistant against seawater with DIN81249-1 certificate. For the aquarium, aquascape or aquatic plant aquarium, the perfect solution to realise biotope-compatible and natural lighting with LEDs.

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Weight 2,00 kg
Shipping weight 2,60 kg

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