daytime Design Profil Set Black Top

daytime Design Profil Set Black Top

  • Elegant, straightforward aluminium profile
  • Powder coated
  • Lid made of polished black acrylic glass
  • For all scapers tanks and open aquariums
  • Direct mounting on pelvic brim
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For the elegant integration of cluster and cluster control lamps over open tanks.

The Design Profil Set is delivered WITHOUT LEDs


  • Elegant, straightforward aluminium profile to hold any individually customized cluster and cluster control lamps
  • Powder coated
  • Lid made of polished black acrylic glass
  • For all Scaper's Tanks and open aquariums
  • Anti-skid and rattle free mounting directly on pelvic brim via silicone coated stainless steel pin
  • Both left-, and right-sided cable routing


Profile Profile length Tank width
Top 30 31,6 cm 29,5 - 30 cm
Top 36 37,6 cm 35,5 - 36 cm
Top 45 46,6 cm 44,5 - 45 cm
Top 60 61,6 cm 59,5 - 60 cm
Top 70 71,6 cm 69,5 - 70 cm
Top 80 81,6 cm 79,5 - 80 cm
Top 90 91,6 cm 89,5 - 90 cm
Top 100 101,6 cm 99,5 - 100 cm
Top 110 111,6 cm 109,5 - 110 cm
Top 120 121,6 cm 119,5 - 120 cm
Top 130 131,6 cm 129,5 - 130 cm
Top 140 141,6 cm 139,5 - 140 cm
Top 150 151,6 cm 149,5 - 150 cm
Top 160 161,6 cm 159,5 - 160 cm
Top 170 171,6 cm 169,5 - 170 cm
Top 180 181,6 cm 179,5 - 180 cm
Top 190 191,6 cm 189,5 - 190 cm
Top 200 201,6 cm 199,5 - 200 cm



Daytime LED aquarium lighting - made in Germany - is one of the most efficient LED lighting manufacturers in the aquarium industry. The illumination systems daytime matrix, daytime onex, daytime pendix and daytime eco offer most flexible and individual solutions for brilliant aquarium illumination. The daytime lights are equipped with leading quality LEDs from SSC (SEOUL SEMI CONDUCTERS) with an efficiency of up to 230 lumens per watt and an outstanding colour rendering index (CRI) of up to 90. All daytime luminaries are water- and dust resistant with IP 67, DIN EN 60529 certificate. The lifespan lies at around 60.000 hours. All daytime lights are anodized and resistant against seawater with DIN81249-1 certificate. For the aquarium, aquascape or aquatic plant aquarium, the perfect solution to realise biotope-compatible and natural lighting with LEDs.

General information

Item no.
EAN 4260432780826
Weight 1,00 kg
Shipping weight 1,10 kg

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