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    JBL CristalProfi e

    JBL CristalProfi e

    • Energy efficient
    • Long cleaning intervals
    • With high-capacity biological filter balls
    • Simple to start, safe to use
    • Fully fitted and ready to install
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    The JBL CristalProfi greenline Filter cleans the tank water in a closed circuit. A maintenance-free pump built into the filter head ensures permanent water circulation. The water is fed from the aquarium into the filter media basket, where it flows through the filter media from the bottom to the top and is cleaned appropriately, before being pumped back into the aquarium. The filter is NOT self priming. The air initially contained in the system must be removed before starting the appliance. This can be done by selecting the built-in quick-start option by pushing the priming button.

    The filters of the JBL CristalProfi greenline range consume up to 43 % (depending on model) less power than previous comparable models. New motor technology delivers the same effective water circulation in your aquarium as previous models. Optimised pump impeller with ceramic bearings ensures very quiet running and long service life.

    Immediately below the pump head, there is an innovative, patented combi filter basket containing pre-filter media on the right and left, which are very easily accessible. The remaining pre-filter media seldom need cleaning, providing the pre-filter media are replaced regularly.

    A wide range of accessories guarantee easy connection to almost any freshwater or marine aquarium. The built-in quick-start priming button makes starting the filter child?s play, without the annoyance of manual priming. All the parts of the filter are easy to fit and designed in such a way that incorrect assembly is impossible.

    The filter is fully ready to plug in and equipped with filter media. The filter media have been selected to ensure efficient manual and biological water purification that leaves your aquarium water clear and healthy. A wide range of accessories guarantee easy connection to almost any freshwater or marine aquarium.


    • Energy efficient
    • High capacity, quiet
    • Seldom needed cleaning
    • Complete with JBL MicroMec high-capacity biological filter balls
    • Simple to start, safe to use
    • Fully fitted and ready to install

    Technical data

    JBL Cristal Profi e401 / e402
    Flow rate450 Litres per hour
    Canister volume4,6 Litres
    Power consumption4 Watt
    Dimensions180 x 210 x 284 mm
    Hose dimensions12/16 or 13 mm
    JBL Cristal Profi e701 / e702
    Flow rate700 Litres per hour
    Canister volume6,1 Litres
    Power consumption9 Watt
    Dimensions180 x 210 x 350 mm
    Hose dimensions12/16 or 13 mm
    JBL Cristal Profi e901 / e902
    Flow rate900 Litres per hour
    Canister volume7,6 Litres
    Power consumption11 Watt
    Dimensions180 x 210 x 405 mm
    Hose dimensions12/16 or 13 mm
    JBL Cristal Profi e1501 / e1502
    Flow rate1400 Litres per hour
    Canister volume12 Litres
    Power consumption20 Watt
    Dimensions200 x 235 x 475 mm
    Hose dimensions16/22 or 17 mm
    JBL Cristal Profi e1902
    Flow rate1900 Liter pro Stunde
    Canister volume15 Liter
    Power consumption36 Watt
    Dimensions240 x 584 x 385 mm
    Hose dimensions19/25 or 20 mm



    JBL is a German company with a long tradition and a vast product range for aquarium enthusiasts. From high-quality fish and shrimp food over external filters to aquatic plant fertilisers - JBL offers an enormous choice for every aquarium keeper.

    The research and development department of JBL constantly brings new innovative products onto the market. No matter whether you are an aquascaper, fish keeper, shrimp keeper or planted tank enthusiast, JBL offers suitable tools and accessories for all of these aspects of the hobby in order to support aquarium enthusiasts with the set-up and maintenance of their tanks.

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    Tran T.
    Sehr gut
    7th September 2015

    Überhaupt dicht, minimale Geräusche, Wasser bleibt sauber und Garnelen freuen sich drüber. Montage und Anwendung einfach. Habe keine Sorge über schlechte Qualität von Aquasabi.

    Florian U.
    Sehr Leise.
    3rd April 2016

    Der Filter wirkt auf den ersten Blick sehr empfindlich und ich hatte doch das eine oder andere mal Angst die Absperrhähne abzubrechen als ich den Filterschlauch angeschlossen habe. (mehr lesen)

    Leon S.
    Leise und macht sauber
    11th November 2017

    Der JBL Crystalprofi e401 greenline ist flüsterleise, so das man 2 Meter vom Aquarium entfernt schlafen könnte. (mehr lesen)