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    GlasGarten Mineral Junkie Pearls

    GlasGarten Mineral Junkie Pearls

    • Mineral supplement food vor invertebrates
    • Prevents deficiency symptoms
    • Contains all important minerals plus herbal extracts
    • Prevents pitting in snail shells
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    GlasGarten Mineral Junkie Pearls is a supplementary food for aquatic invertebrates which provides all the vital minerals for a healthy living. It contains both organically and anorganically bound minerals to help prevent deficiency symptoms that with shrimps and crabs often show as skinning difficulties, slow growth and high mortality amoung the young.

    For snails the Mineral Junkie Pearls can prevent pitting, the shell will also grow much more steady and sturdy.

    All invertebrates have a so called exoskeleton that consists of minerals among others. So a sufficient supply of these minerals is an important factor for the keeping and breeding of shrimps, crabs, prawns and snails, they are literally "addicted" to them. Despite that, the minerals also serve many other specific tasks in the organism, such as for example the excitation of nerves and muscles but also many hormonal procedures.

    Mineral Junkie Pearls also contain useful vegetarian ingredients and herbal extracts for healthy and vital animals. The percentage of protein and fat is very low, so the water quality is hardly impacted. This makes Mineral Junkie Pearls a perfect summer or weekend food.


    • Shrimps: 1-2 pearls daily per ca. 15 shrimps
    • Crabs/Prawns: 1-2 pearls daily per crab/prawn
    • Snails: 1 pearl daily per 2-5 snails


    Minerals, herbal byproducts, crop, herbal extracts


    GlasGarten stands for aquaristics with a passion. In the aquascaping hobby, the low-iron glass tanks made by GlasGarten have long gained a lot of popularity, and their soil substrate has also earned a very good reputation with aquascapers, shrimp breeders and planted tank enthusiasts. The new food line as well as the water additives sold by GlasGarten are of the same high quality as the other products of this brand. They can be used in tanks dedicated to shrimp breeding and shrimp keeping as well as in aquascapes and planted tanks in general.

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    Monika W.
    Kommt sehr gut an bei Garnelen und Schnecken
    11th August
    GlasGarten - Mineral Junkie - Pearls - 100 g
    GlasGarten - Mineral Junkie - Pearls - 100 g

    Erhoffe mit strahlendes Weiß bei den Pintos und gesunde Gehäuse bei den Tylomelania. Die kleinen weichen Perlen lassen sich, falls notwendig, noch leicht teilen, damit auch alle... (mehr lesen)