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    Borneo Wild Shrimp Soil

    Borneo Wild Shrimp Soil

    • Especially for softwater shrimps
    • Maintains a mild acidity
    • Facilitates a good water & oxygen circulation within the substrate
    • Supports the development of microorganisms
    • Rich in natural minerals
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    Borneo Wild Shrimp Soil has been developed to provide soft water shrimps in particular with an environment rich in minerals that agrees with them. This substrate has a very natural appearance. It is a very practical soil with a good reputation among shrimp breeders and tank keepers.

    Borneo Wild Shrimp Soil maintains a slightly acidic pH and a favourable total hardness, which makes it a very good substrate for keeping shrimps like Crystal Red, Red Cherry and all other aquarium animals that prefer soft water. The grain size of this soil facilitates a good water and oxygen circulation within the substrate and improves the development of beneficial microorganisms, which make the substate a fully functional biological system in its own right. Its richness in natural minerals makes Borneo Wild Shrimp Soil a wonderfully suited substrate for breeding and keeping soft-water shrimps.

    Shrimp Soil makes the water crystal-clear by absorbing impurities and tannins, which colour the water brownish and are given off by driftwood. It reduces the concentration of ammonium, which enables the tank keeper to stock the tank with fish and invertebrates earlier and more safely.

    Shrimp Soil is manufactured in a special way developed by the manufacturing company that stabilises the soil granules to a high extent and prevents them from turning to dust for a long time.


    • highly suitable for soft-water shrimps
    • facilitates a good water circulation inside the substrate
    • makes the water crystal-clear
    • substrate colour: black/grey

    Unit size

    8 kg in a plastic bag
    amounts to a volume of approximately 7 litres

    Borneo Wild

    Borneo Wild

    The brand Borneo Wild stands for the fascinating beauty of nature on the island of Borneo, which brings unlimited inspiration for products for aquascaping and planted tank aquaristics. A very important aspect of this concept is to bring nature and natural processes in unison with aquascaping.

    On this basis, products with a very high quality have been developed, amongst them substrate additives with nature as a model, glassware articles with such an unobtrusive reduced design and perfect quality that they do not distract from the beauty of the aquascape they are used with, precise tools that help maintaining the little biotope in shape, and much more for aquascaping.

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    Damian K.
    Kann nur empfehlen!!
    26th February 2015
    Borneo Wild - Shrimp Soil - 8 kg
    Borneo Wild - Shrimp Soil - 8 kg

    Bodengrund ist sehr gut leider ein von zwei säcke wahr aufgerissen da durch fällte ca. 2L und das Bodengrund wahr feucht aber ansonsten bin zufrieden.

    Jan H.
    Absoluter Knaller !!!
    10th December 2017
    Borneo Wild - Shrimp Soil - 8 kg
    Borneo Wild - Shrimp Soil - 8 kg

    Ich habe ja nicht viel von Soil gehalten nach meinen Ada Soil experiment. Aber dieser Soil ist der Absolute knaller. Nochnie so Aktive Garnelen gesehen wie auf diesem Bodengrund. (mehr lesen)

    Nadja P.
    Bewertet wird nur das Aussehen!
    14th December 2016
    Borneo Wild - Shrimp Soil - 5 kg
    Borneo Wild - Shrimp Soil - 5 kg

    Das Soil ist eher Braun wie Schwarz/Grau und der Aufkleber ist nicht der gleiche XD Dachte im ersten Moment es kam ein falsches Soil an. (mehr lesen)