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    Borneo Wild Glass Outflow

    Borneo Wild Glass Outflow

    • Made of high-quality glass
    • Visually very appealing
    • Ensures an optimal water movement in all layers
    • The necessary suction cups are included
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    The Flow pipe carries an unique upward-angled funnel design to create a vortex effect on the water surface that eliminates surface film. It also increases water movement to lower parts of the aquarium. This reduces stagnant points and improves gas and nutrient exchange for low and midground plants. To aerate the water, simply lift the funnel slightly above water level.


    • Made of highest quality laboratory-grade borosilicate glass and artistically hand-blown
    • Upward-angled funnel design to create a vortex effect on the water surface


    Borneo Wild - Glass Outflow - G2 - 13 mm
    Length210 mm
    Width of the glass bow75 mm
    Total Width145 mm
    Outflow length65 mm
    Outflow Funnel Size60 mm
    Fits hose13 mm or 12/16 mm
    Borneo Wild - Glass Outflow - G3 - 17 mm
    Length210 mm
    Width of the glass bow90 mm
    Total Width160 mm
    Outflow length70 mm
    Outflow Funnel Size65 mm
    Fits hose17 mm or 16/22 mm

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    • Prepare a 1:1 mixture of bleach to water
    • Soak the glass pipe in the mixture for 24 hours or longer depending on amount of algae grown
    • Rinse several times with clean running water before connecting back to the aquarium

    Borneo Wild

    Borneo Wild

    The brand Borneo Wild stands for the fascinating beauty of nature on the island of Borneo, which brings unlimited inspiration for products for aquascaping and planted tank aquaristics. A very important aspect of this concept is to bring nature and natural processes in unison with aquascaping.

    On this basis, products with a very high quality have been developed, amongst them substrate additives with nature as a model, glassware articles with such an unobtrusive reduced design and perfect quality that they do not distract from the beauty of the aquascape they are used with, precise tools that help maintaining the little biotope in shape, and much more for aquascaping.

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    15th December 2010
    Borneo Wild - Glass Outflow - G2 - 13 mm
    Borneo Wild - Glass Outflow - G2 - 13 mm

    Eine wirklich sehr schöne und gut verarbeitete Glasware. Zur möglichst sicheren Befestigung habe gezielt eine Variante mit zwei Saugnäpfen gesucht. (mehr lesen)

    Vincent V.
    Great glass outflow
    26th March 2015
    Borneo Wild - Glass Outflow - G3 - 17 mm
    Borneo Wild - Glass Outflow - G3 - 17 mm

    Guaranteed vortex : no more oily film!

    Instead of the suction cups, a fixation on the top edge aquarium would be well.

    2nd July 2010
    Borneo Wild - Glass Outflow - G3 - 17 mm
    Borneo Wild - Glass Outflow - G3 - 17 mm

    Wunderschönes Design - es gibt wohl kaum eine elegantere Lösung um das Wasser von einem Aussenfilter wieder ins Aquarium zu bringen! (mehr lesen)