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    Aquasabi CO2 Nano Diffusor J Pipe

    Aquasabi CO2 Nano Diffusor J Pipe

    • Made of high-quality glass
    • Efficient CO2 atomisation through ceramic membrane
    • Visually very appealing
    • Glass thickness of up to 8 mm
    • For aquascapes with a volume of up to 20 litres
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    The J Pipe nano diffuser is perfect for nano aquascapes and tanks in which you want to inject CO2 without hindering tubing inside the tank. The high-performance ceramic membrane creates ultra-fine CO2 bubbles, which spread in the entire tank. The CO2 can thus be absorbed by the plants in the best way possible. J Pipe nano diffusers are made of glass and thus they are almost invisible in the aquascape/aquarium.


    • With high-quality ceramic membrane
    • Made of glass
    • Compatible with pressurised gas cylinders and limited compatibility with biological CO2 supplying systems (biological CO2 supplying systems need to produce at least a pressure of 1 bar)
    • With connection for commercially available 4/6mm CO2 tubing
    • No need for suction cups: just hang the diffuser over the aquarium's edge


    We recommend to use soft silicone tubing to connect the glassware in order to reduce the risk of glass breakage. The piece of hose used should be kept as short as possible in order to avoid unnecessary CO2 losses.
    Silicone hose is not pressure resistant and therefore can not be used for connection to the pressure regulator.

    For aquariums

    Nano Diffusor J Pipe 15up to 20 Litres
    Nano Diffusor J Pipe 20up to 30 Litres


    Nano Diffusor J Pipe 15
    Total height140 mm
    Distance between the pipes8 mm
    Diffusor diameter15 mm
    Diffusor height20 mm
    Nano Diffusor J Pipe 20
    Total height180 mm
    Distance between the pipes6 mm
    Diffusor diameter20 mm
    Diffusor height20 mm


    When algae start forming on your glassware equipment or when larger and larger bubbles emerge from your ceramic diffusor it is time for cleaning. Glassware is easy to clean, however, it should be done diligently. After the cleaning process, your glassware products will be as good as new.

    • You'll need a household bleach containing chlorine without perfumes. When working with chlorine bleach, please make sure you absolutely observe the manufacturer's safety notes.
    • Pour some of the bleach into a container and mix with an equal amount of water. Mix so much of this solution that the glassware products you wish to clean are entirely covered
    • Soak the glassware in the solution for 1 to 4 hours (depending on the severity of the stains)
    • Take it out and rinse thoroughly
    • Now all the stains ought to be gone, and your glassware should shine as if new

    You'll find an extensive how-to (in German) with pictures on our community page under Glaswaren reinigen leicht gemacht


    Aquasabi is our own brand, under which we offer high-quality products with a very good price-performance ratio. Carefully selected CO2 diffusers, CO2 bubble counters or lily pipes are just some of the items we sell under this brand and which will surely add to the value und the beauty of any aquascape. For this reason, many aquascapers and planted tank enthusiasts use products by Aquasabi.

    Besides the good price-performance ratio, our main focus is on the satisfaction of our customers. This is the reason why our doors are always open for those who need help with our products.

    When it comes to special aquatic plants, water plants from Aquasabi are just the thing for you. We offer rarities from our own cultivating tanks or import them specifically. These plants are otherwise hard to come by, and most of them cannot be purchased from other shops. We have high quality standards, which make Aquasabi plants a good choice for aquascapers, planted tank enthusiasts and aquatic plant collectors who want to enrich their tanks with rare aquatic plants. Special mosses, particular stem plants, hard-to-come-by ferns or very rare forms of the genus Bucephalandra are only a few of the plants we are proud to offer.

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    25 Reviews
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    Marcel L.
    Glücklich ...
    4th April 2016
    Aquasabi - CO2 Nano Diffusor - J Pipe - 20 mm
    Aquasabi - CO2 Nano Diffusor - J Pipe - 20 mm

    ... nach nun 2 ausprobierten CO2 Diffusoren, die mir mit ohrenbetäubenden Gepiepe den letzten Nerv geraubt haben. Ich betreibe ihn mit einer Bio-CO2-Anlage (Eigenbau). (mehr lesen)

    Tilman B.
    Sehr schön
    17th September 2015
    Aquasabi - CO2 Nano Diffusor - J Pipe - 15 mm
    Aquasabi - CO2 Nano Diffusor - J Pipe - 15 mm

    Man muss schon sagen. Die 15mm Version ist sehr kurz. Es steht zwar so in der Produktbeschreibung, aber ich hatte mir das irgendwie anders visualisiert. (mehr lesen)

    Petra M.
    Schönes kleines Teil für ein Nanobecken
    29th April 2017
    Aquasabi - CO2 Nano Diffusor - J Pipe - 20 mm
    Aquasabi - CO2 Nano Diffusor - J Pipe - 20 mm

    In meinem 45L Becken hatte ich bis dato einen JBL Glasdiffusor und das dazugehörige Schlauchgewurstel. Samt zweier hässlicher Saugnäpfe. (mehr lesen)