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    Staurogyne repens

    Creeping Staurogyne

    Staurogyne repens

    Creeping Staurogyne

    • Compact carpet or bush
    • Very nice between rocks and stones
    • Relatively slow grower
    • Very popular in aquascaping
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    Staurogyne repens is a light green compact strong plant for the aquarium foreground originating from Rio Cristalino in Brazil. It can be used as ground-covering plant or as low cushion-like bush. Forms well through trimming. It is effective for setting accents in crevices and gaps in the hardscape. If you get a plant with long stems from emerged cultivation you ought to cut them off, cut them into several parts and plant them into the substrate, keeping a small distance. The lateral shoots that form in this case will grow more or less horizontally along the substrate. A lot of light (at least 0.5 W/litre) and a good CO2 and nutrient supply are recommendable.

    This plant was hitherto known as Staurogyne spec., or Staurogyne sp. "Rio Cristalino". However, in 2010, Dr. Dieter C. Wasshausen (Smithsonian Institution, Washington) identified flowering plants herbarised by Christel Kasselmann as Staurogyne repens (Nees) Kuntze [1].
    The aquarium population of this species originates from Rio Cristalino in the Brazilian federal state Mato Grosso. The plant were found growing on and between rocks on the bank of the fast-flowing river, mainly above the waterline, and in full sun. [1],[2]. In May 2008, Staurogyne repens was presented as new aquarium plant (back then as Staurogyne spec.) during the Interzoo trade fair by Tropica.

    Recently, this plant has also been offered erroneously as Staurogyne sp. 'Porto Velho'. (read more)

    SynonymsEbermaiera repens Nees
    Complete botanical nameStaurogyne répens (Nees) Kuntze
    UsageMidground, Nano tanks, Foreground, group, Foreground, ground cover
    Aquascapingwell-branched, bushy
    pH value5 - 7
    Temperature tolerance20 - 30°C
    Carbonate hardness0 - 10°dKH
    General hardness0 - 30°dGH
    PropagationRunners, Cuttings, Splitting, cutting off daughter plants
    Can grow emersed?yes
    Ebermaiera repens Nees
    Complete botanical name
    Staurogyne répens (Nees) Kuntze
    Midground, Nano tanks, Foreground, group, Foreground, ground cover
    well-branched, bushy
    pH value
    5 - 7
    Temperature tolerance
    20 - 30°C
    Carbonate hardness
    0 - 10°dKH
    General hardness
    0 - 30°dGH
    Runners, Cuttings, Splitting, cutting off daughter plants
    Can grow emersed?

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    sabrina r.
    6th June 2014
    Staurogyne repens - Linea Cup
    Staurogyne repens - Linea Cup
    Creeping Staurogyne

    Meine bisherigen Erfahrungen mit Euren Pflanzen -> Immer 1a mit Sternchen. So auch bei dieser Pflanze! Bin, wie immer, sehr zufrieden!

    Oliver M.
    sehr empfehlenswert
    17th December 2014
    Staurogyne repens - in Vitro XL
    Staurogyne repens - in Vitro XL
    Creeping Staurogyne

    sehr schnelle Lieferung ! sehr gute frische Qualität ,saftig grün im großem Becher, Die Pflanze wächst sehr gut und kräftig ;-)

    Anja Z.
    9th November 2014
    Staurogyne repens - in Vitro XL
    Staurogyne repens - in Vitro XL
    Creeping Staurogyne

    Es gibt nichts auszusetzen. Sie wächst und wächst. Mal schneller und mal langsamer, weil ich sie an verschiedene Orte im Becken gesetzt habe, aber überall ohne Ausfälle. (mehr lesen)