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Borneo Wild Bacter Crystal

Borneo Wild Bacter Crystal

  • Optimally adapted to the Borneo Wild substrate system
  • Mineral additive for the substrate and for water conditioning
  • Improves die conditions within the soil substrate
  • Promotes health and growth
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Bacter Crystal is a substrate additive and at the same time a water conditioner which improves soil condition, water quality, health and growth of the organism and colonizes the filter system with beneficial bacteria. Unlike many other products which contains many species of dormant bacteria that may not get fully activated, Bacter Crystal uses only species which can survive in packaging, storage and be activated fully.


  • Supplies essential minerals
  • Prevents anaerobic pockets from forming in the substrate
  • Colonizes and jump starts the biofiltration process in new aquarium
  • Enzyme activation of benefitial microganism in substrate and filter
  • Accelerate Organic decomposition
  • Improves and stabilizes water quality
  • Removes chemicals, medicine residue, chlorine, heavy metals, ammonium and many other contaminants quickly
  • Neutralizes harmful bacteria
  • Restrains the growth of blue-green algae when sprinkle directly on the algae
  • Allow young fries to grow better
  • Destresses fishes in a new environment
  • Improves health, skin/scale luster & color of fishes
  • Promotes breeding


Use in New Planted Aquarium Set Up: Apply Bacter Crystal evenly to the base layer of the tank before filling up with soil. Use 1 bottle for a 90cm aquarium. You can also add 2g of Bacter Crystal per 100L as a strong bio-starter, either into the filter/sump or directly into the water.

Use in Aquarium: Add about 1g to 100-200L of water weekly. Mix well with aquarium/pond water before applying. You will notice that the water will turn cloudy initially but will result in much cleaner and clearer water in a few hours.

Shake Well before Use. Keep Dry for remaining Bottle.

Unit size

80 g in resealable can

Borneo Wild

Borneo Wild

The brand Borneo Wild stands for the fascinating beauty of nature on the island of Borneo, which brings unlimited inspiration for products for aquascaping and planted tank aquaristics. A very important aspect of this concept is to bring nature and natural processes in unison with aquascaping.

On this basis, products with a very high quality have been developed, amongst them substrate additives with nature as a model, glassware articles with such an unobtrusive reduced design and perfect quality that they do not distract from the beauty of the aquascape they are used with, precise tools that help maintaining the little biotope in shape, and much more for aquascaping.

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marek k.
19th June 2012

Danke für die super schnelle Abwicklung !

1A !!!