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    Bucephalandra sordidula ("Melawi")

    Bucephalandra sordidula ("Melawi")

    • Also known as Bucephalandra sp. "Melawi"
    • Narrow leaves with strongly undulate margins
    • Creeping habit
    • Coppery red hues, iridescent green
    • Light pink spathe
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    Bucephalandra sordidula was introduced around 2011 as B. sp. "Melawi" and is also traded under other names, e.g. Bucephalandra sp. "Titan". This species was described in 2014 and is found on Borneo only in the vicinity of Nanga Pinoh, Melawi. There it grows attached to rock along streams, depending on the water level emersed and submerged. Hitherto Bucephalandra sordidula is still very rare in the hobby, and confusingly also other Bucephalandra species are offered with the name "Melawi".

    It is a relatively small Bucephalandra variant with longish narrow short-stalked leaves with a slightly undulate margin.The leaf tip is round with a small point. Especially the young leaves have a nice coppery colour with iridescent green hues, older leaves are dark green. The underside of the leaf is of a silvery white with a brownish-red central vein. The rhizome has a more or less creeping growth habit. The plant will flower frequently under water. It grows pretty slowly; medium lighting, CO2 and good nutrient supply via the water column are recommendable.

    Bucephalandra sordidula is especially nice when planted in larger groups. Like many other variants of the genus Bucephalandra you can use it as epiphytic plant on the hardscape or fix it on the substrate, e.g. with a small rock or a planting needle. Do not cover the rhizome, as it might rot. The roots will find their way into the substrate.

    Please be aware that the submerse form of this plant could contain snails or other invertebrates.


    Trader namesBucephalandra cf. motleyana ''Melawi'', Bucephalandra sp. ''Melawi'', Bucephalandra sp. ''Titan''
    Complete botanical nameBucephalándra sordídula Wong & Boyce
    Colourdark green, red brown, wine-red
    UsageEpiphyte (growing on hardscape), Midground, Nano tanks, Foreground, group
    pH value5 - 7
    Temperature tolerance20 - 26°C
    Carbonate hardness0 - 10°dKH
    General hardness0 - 30°dGH
    PropagationRhizomteilung, Splitting, cutting off daughter plants
    Can grow emersed?yes
    Trader names
    Bucephalandra cf. motleyana ''Melawi'', Bucephalandra sp. ''Melawi'', Bucephalandra sp. ''Titan''
    Complete botanical name
    Bucephalándra sordídula Wong & Boyce
    dark green, red brown, wine-red
    Epiphyte (growing on hardscape), Midground, Nano tanks, Foreground, group
    pH value
    5 - 7
    Temperature tolerance
    20 - 26°C
    Carbonate hardness
    0 - 10°dKH
    General hardness
    0 - 30°dGH
    Rhizomteilung, Splitting, cutting off daughter plants
    Can grow emersed?

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    David L.
    Einfach schön
    3rd November 2014

    Ich hatte zwar eine etwas größere Pflanze erwartet, aber das ist halt immer schwer, wenn man bestellt. (mehr lesen)

    Laurence A.
    Very nice plant!!!!
    11th February 2015

    Very happy to put this plant in my aquarium, it looks awesome. Hope it adapts and gives nice leaves and beautiful flowers.

    Sven B.
    absolut empfehlenswert
    4th February 2015

    Schöne kräftige Pflanzen mit schön gewellten satt grünen Blättern, sehr gute Wurzeln. Versand und Verpackung wie immer sehr gut .