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    Microsorum pteropus "Sri Lanka"

    Sri Lanka Java fern

    Microsorum pteropus "Sri Lanka"

    Sri Lanka Java fern

    • Small, broad-leaved Java fern variant
    • Compact growth
    • Well suited for nano tanks
    • Rarity
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    This small, broad-leaved Java fern variant was found on Sri Lanka. Until now it does not exceed a heigt of about 8-10 cm in our aquariums. The firm, lanceolate, to about 1,5 cm wide leaves have a coarsely wavy margin, they are arranged close together along the rather sturdy rhizome. The leaf stalks are very short. The plant resembles M. pteropus 'Green Gnome' from South India but differs by somewhat broader, rather upright leaves.

    Microsorum pteropus "Sri Lanka" is as easy as other Java fern variants, however a good nutrient supply is recommendable to minimize leaves with brown spots. It grows well as attached plant on the hardscape but can also be fastened to the ground as long as the rhizome is not buried.

    This small Java fern from Sri Lanka provides interesting possibilities for the aquarium design as it resembles broad-leaved, big Microsorum pteropus forms but has a much smaller size. It is also well suited for nano aquaria.

    Please be aware that the submerse form of this plant could contain snails or other invertebrates.

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