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    Ludwigia ovalis

    Oval Ludwigia

    Ludwigia ovalis

    Oval Ludwigia

    • Nice reddish hues
    • Roundish to ovoid leaves
    • Loosely upright to slanted growth habit
    • Ramifies well
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    This pretty Ludwiga originates from East Asia. It is not as well-known as certain other Ludwigias but gets increasingly popular due to its quite easy cultivation and beautiful pink-orange tones of the roundish-ovate submerged leaves. In contrast to the similar Ludwigia repens from North America, L. ovalis has an alternate leaf arrangement. Under aquarium conditions, the Oval Ludwigia grows loosely upright, a little slanted. It forms a bush by its side shoots. The leaves are about 2 cm long. The terrestrial form of L. ovalis is rather green, while the reddish colours will appear in the submerged form.

    Moderate to strong light as well as a good macro- and micronutrient supply are recommendable. suffices for a good growth rate. CO2 injection is not always a must, but helps L. ovalis grow faster and more robust. Slight limitation of the nitrate and/or phosphate supply may bring out a more intense coloration.
    Propagation is easy, as in most other stem plants, just cut off lateral or top shoots and re-plant in the substrate.

    Ludwigia ovalis is a unique, highly attractive plant suitable for almost any aquascape, as most other pink-orange plants are far more demanding. The Oval Ludwiga can be formed to a low to medium tall bush that is ideally suited for the midground, depending on the height of the tank also for the foreground. Light green plants create a beautiful contrast to this Ludwigia. .

    Ludwiga ovalis is a rather new species in the aquarium hobby. This Ludwigia, originating from East Asia, is quite easy in cultivation, which makes it increasingly popular; its beautiful pink-orange ovate leaves might help, too. In its natural habitat, it is found in cooler waters or on very moist to wet soil. Then its growth habit is creeping.

    L. ovalis is a low-growing stem plant with roundish to ovate leaves quite similar to those of L. repens. In contrast to the latter, however, the leaves of L. ovalis are alternate (1 leaf per node). Amongst the most frequently cultivated species of Ludwigia, this is a characteristic only found in L. glandulosa and L. ovalis (most Ludwigia species have alternate leaves, however, almost all of those species cultivated in aquaria have opposite leaves and thus 2 leaves per node).

    The stems of L. (read more)

    Common namesOval Ludwigia
    Complete botanical nameLudwígia ovális Miq.
    UsageAccent (red), Midground
    Aquascapingvery colourful plant for accents
    pH value4 - 7
    Temperature tolerance10 - 28°C
    Carbonate hardness1 - 7°dKH
    General hardness0 - 30°dGH
    Can grow emersed?yes
    Common names
    Oval Ludwigia
    Complete botanical name
    Ludwígia ovális Miq.
    Accent (red), Midground
    very colourful plant for accents
    pH value
    4 - 7
    Temperature tolerance
    10 - 28°C
    Carbonate hardness
    1 - 7°dKH
    General hardness
    0 - 30°dGH
    Can grow emersed?

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