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    Borneo Wild Boost (A) 50 Capsules

    Borneo Wild Boost (A) 50 Capsules

    • For targeted re-fertilisation of the substrate
    • Ideally placed with the Flowgrow Injector
    • Gives off nutrients to the water slowly
    • Particularly efficient for Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus species and variants
    • Contains macronutrients (NPK)
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    Boost (Capsules) is a substrate supplement. It contains 70 types of immediate and slow release macronutrients, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium that stimulates growth, balacnes and improves nutrient uptake. Boost is recommended for densely planted tanks with rosette and stem plants.


    Insert capsules below the substrate layer around the roots of plants. Each capsule can be applied for a 15cm square area, lasting up to 1 month depending on plant size. Use more for densely planted area. During application, insert swiftly as capsule shell dissolves within 15min in water.

    Unit size

    50 capsules in resealable can

    Borneo Wild

    The brand Borneo Wild stands for the fascinating beauty of nature on the island of Borneo, which brings unlimited inspiration for products for aquascaping and planted tank aquaristics. A very important aspect of this concept is to bring nature and natural processes in unison with aquascaping.

    On this basis, products with a very high quality have been developed, amongst them substrate additives with nature as a model, glassware articles with such an unobtrusive reduced design and perfect quality that they do not distract from the beauty of the aquascape they are used with, precise tools that help maintaining the little biotope in shape, and much more for aquascaping.

    General information

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    Weight0,10 kg
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    This item has been rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
    6 Reviews
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    Florian S.
    17th January 2013

    Super Bodendünger. Kapseln sind recht klein so das man sie auch zwischen die Pflanzen bekommt.

    David B.
    Pflanzen danken es einen
    17th September 2014

    Meine Cryptocoryne schwächelten nachdem einsetzen. Ich entschied mich ihn mit ein paar Nährstoffen von unten nachzuhelfen. (mehr lesen)

    Stephan K.
    11th February 2013

    Tolle Wirkung. Meine Pflanzen danken es mit schönem Wuchs.