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    Assembling a daytime matrix LED

    Instructions for creating an individual LED system

    The LED lighting systems made by daytime offer an unbelievable variety of possible combinations. Corresponding solutions are available for each individual aquarium with various options for illuminance, mounting style, light color and means control. To keep you on track, we will show you in this manual how to assemble a daytime matrix.

    Building a matrix LED light

    First of all, the body of the lamp consists of an aluminium rail. These are available in different sizes and should be chosen according to the size of the aquarium.

    daytime Matrix rail

    Depending on the length of the rail, various different matrix-modules can be inserted. One module is equipped with LEDs, has a consumption of 10 watts and usually delivers 1,800 lumens. The light color is additionally selectable.

    daytime matrix modul

    Various mounting options are available for this specific light. A universal holder in the form of extendable holding pins is already integrated in the rail.

    daytime matrix mounting options

    To power the LED light, you’ll need the right power supply unit (converter) with 24 V.

    daytime - LED-Converter 24V

    Structural conditions

    In principle, two basic structural conditions dictate the configuration of a matrix LED lamp: this is the dimension of the tank and, secondly, the question of how the lighting should be mounted. We’ll take the edge length of the aquarium in centimeters as a guide for choosing the length of the matrix aluminium rail. The number in the model designation corresponds to the length of the aquarium (e.g.: for a tank with an edge length of 60cm we choose the matrix 60.0).

    As far as means of mounting the light, daytime offers a multitude of options. A universal bracket is already installed in the rail, in the shape of extendable pins. If you need an elevated rest, further enhancing the overall lighting, the swing adapter set is the right choice for you. In the event, that an LED system is supposed to be installed into already existing T5 or T8 tube sockets, suitable adapter kits are available. Open tanks are better equipped with a hanging light variation using a cable suspension kit. Bolt-on adapters or magnetic holders are suitable for covered tanks. Precisely fitting guide rails are available especially for aquariums with Jewel and Eheim covers, which can accommodate the matrix lamp and replace the light bar and central part of the cover. The instructions can be found here: for Juwel or Eheim.

    daytime adapter rail

    Placing the modules

    When the length, and thus the model of the rail are set, you can go ahead on planning how to equip them with matrix modules. Please refer to our handy usage overview to see how many modules the respective rails can be equipped with.

    The modules are ordered extra and can be easily installed. You can shift them freely inside the rail and decide on the distance between the individual LED clusters. You can also take into account the constructional peculiarities of your aquarium, so that no module is placed exactly above a glass strut, no unplanted corners are illuminated, or even that an area gets particularly intense light.

    You can choose your own light color for each module. So not only the position can be set individually, but also the color temperature. The following colours are available: ultra white with 8.000 Kelvin, neutral white with 6.000 Kelvin, warm white with 4.000 Kelvin or Ultra Blue Red White. Here white LEDs with 8,000 Kelvin are supplemented by red and blue LEDs.

    Choosing the power unit

    The more matrix modules are installed into the rail, the more capacity and light flow will be delivered by the LED lamp. Illumination will be improved as well with a higher amount of modules. Last but not least, the power consumption of the installed modules is counted together. Each one consumes around 10 watts. The sum of that will then tell you the required rated output of the power unit. Important: The rated output of the lamp must never exceed that of the power supply.

    If you later want to retrofit modules, it makes sense to choose a power supply with greater power right from the start in order to have more reserves.

    Now the basic configuration of your matrix LED lighting is finished. If you need help assembling your individual lamp, we are happy to help. Call us or write us an email.