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    Sukei Research: Filtration System

    Pure water with ADA

    A filtration system, cleaning the Nature Aquariums water, consists of the combination of a filter unit and various types of filter media. There are two different types of filter media: biological and chemical media. Now let’s do a research on the characteristics of each filter media from a micro point of view.

    ADA Super Jet Filter

    There are various types of filters to clean aquarium water. For Nature Aquarium, which is to grow aquatic plants, we mainly use external filter that offers high filtration capacity and retains CO2 supplied in the aquarium. The ADA Superjet Filter series is the external filter specifically developed for a Nature Aquarium and available in many different models which are suitable for respective aquarium sizes. Each type of filter media offer different level of filter bacteria colonization and contaminants absorption due to their different surface structures. In this section, we look into the research on the ADA Superjet Filter series and the features of each type of filter media.

    ADA Super Jet Filter Scape

    Comparison of Super Jet Filter models

    ADA Super Jet Filter Chart

    This is a comparison by flow rate and canister capacity (i.e., the capacity of filter media). In general, the filtration capacity becomes higher as the canister capacity and flow rate increase.

    Electron micrograph of filter media surface

    ADA Bio Rio Microscope

    Surface of ADA Bio Rio (×450)

    ADA Bamboo Charcoal Microscope

    Surface of ADA Bamboo Charcoal (×300)

    We can find countless numbers of bumps, dents and tiny pores on the ADA Bio Rio and ADA Bamboo Charcoal surface when observed with an electron microscope. Filter bacteria colonize in these areas.

    Relationship between filter media shape and water flow rate

    ADA Zusammenhang zwischen Filtermedium und Durchflussrate

    ADA Bio Cube features superior colonization of filter bacteria but it easily clogs. On the other hand, ADA Bio Rio hardly clogs.

    Surface of NA Carbon

    ADA NA Carbon Oberfläche

    There are countless fine pores on the surface of ADA NA-Carbon, a high-performance active carbon.

    Absorption capacity of active carbon

    ADA Aktivkohlewirkung 1

    Contaminants in water such as organic compounds are attracted to the surface of active carbon and absorbed in the fine pores.

    After absorption

    ADA Aktivkohlewirkung 2

    Absorbed organic compounds will eventually be broken down by filter bacteria.

    This is the Key Point!

    “Select the model suitable for tank size.”

    “Water flow rate differs depending on filter media’ s structure.”

    “NA Carbon also functions as biological filter media.”

    Source and Copyright of the article/photos - Aqua Design Amano - ADA