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    Lets start with Q: Choosing a tank

    Making the right choice!

    What size of aquarium is good for layout making?

    An aquarium tank with W60D30H36 (cm) is ideal for Nature Aquarium beginners. A 60cm aquarium tank has been the most standard size and is compatible with a wide range of equipment. This handy size of aquarium also has the advantage of the availability of layout materials in appropriate size. Meanwhile, aquarium tanks with W90D45H45 (cm) or larger are often used to create a full-scale layout. For upgrading from 60cm tank, it is recommended to use a 90cm tank which has a good balance and is useful for layout making.p>

    ADA 60P Beginnertank

    A standard 60cm aquarium tank is easy to handle and good for planted aquarium beginners.
    W60D30H36 (cm)
    Photographed in 2005

    ADA 90P Beispiel

    The use of 90cm aquarium tank with more depth gives greater latitude for layout expressions such as perspective
    W90xD45xH45 (cm)
    Photographed in 2005

    How does the aspect ratio of aquarium tank relate to the layout?

    Appropriate layout type varies depending on the aspect ratio of aquarium tank. The standard aspect ratio, such as that of W60D30H36 (cm) and W90D45H45 (cm) tank, is very stable and suitable for any type of layout. Panoramic aquarium tank such as W120D45H45 (cm) and W180D60H60 (cm) tanks are suitable for Iwagumi layout featuring large open space and driftwood layout created based on the wide composition. On the other hand, tall aquarium tanks, such as W90D45H60 (cm) tank, are suitable for dynamic layout having driftwood raised to a steep angle or Iwagumi layout with a standing large main stone (Oyaishi).

    ADA Panoramabecken 180P

    A panoramic aquarium tank is also suitable for wide layout evoking an image of extensive grassland.
    W180xD60xH69 (cm)
    Photographed in 2006

    ADA 90H hoher Substrataufbau

    A layout with high mound of substrate and standing driftwood in a tall high-type aquarium tank
    W90xD45xH60 (cm)
    Photographed in 2010

    What are the difference between Cube Garden and Cube Glass?

    Do!Aqua Cube Glass and ADA Cube Garden have different shades of color. Do!Aqua Cube Glass is made of ordinary plate glass with a shade of turquoise, while ADA Cube Garden uses clear glass with almost no color. This color difference has an impact on how the aquascape looks, and ADA Cube Garden makes aquascape appear sharper and clearer. ADA Cube Garden with practically invisible silicon work was born out of the pursuit of an ideal aquarium tank for Nature Aquarium.

    ADA Cube Garden Concept

    The concept of ADA Cube Garden is an aquarium tank which appears like an aquascape elegantly cut into a cube shape.

    ADA Cube GlassADA Cube Garden

    ADA Cube Garden | Do!Aqua Cube Glass
    Silicon work is practically invisible on both of the tanks. ADA Cube Garden has almost no color.

    Source and Copyright of the article/photos - Aqua Design Amano - ADA