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    Let's start with A: W60

    ADA´s classic:

    It is a classic aquarium system using a W60×D30×H36cm tank which is the most popular in Japan. A wide variety of accessories is available for this size of tank and the users can build their own system from various patterns according to their needs. This is one of the great advantages of this system. For aquarium beginners, it is recommended to choose a 60cm tank for their first aquarium tank.

    ADA 60cm System

    Used Components:

    ADA Lily Pipe PADA New Lily Pipe VADA Garden Mat 60WADA ES-600ADA co2 advanced-systemADA clearstanD for 74ADA Cabinet 60W

    Tank: ADA Cube Garden W60×D30×H36cm + ADA Garden Mat for W60×D30
    Stand: Plain Cabinet 60 W60×D30×H70cm (This simple and elegant wooden cabinet is all made in Japan available at an affordable price. Comes in three colors.)
    Lighting: ADA AQUASKY 602 (You can also choose ADA Solar I (metal halide lamp) or Solar II (twin fluorescent lamp).)
    Filtration: ADA Superjet Filter ES-600 for 36cm (H) (You can also choose ES-300 according to your budget.) + ADA Lily Pipe P-2 / 13Ø + ADA Lily Pipe V V-3 / 13Ø
    CO2: ADA Advanced CO2 System + ADA Clear Stand for CO2 System 74

    Support Items:


    ADA Pro Scissors Wave Type | ADA Drop Checkers | ADA Brighty K, ADA Green Brighty STEP 1 and ADA Green Brighty Special LIGHTS

    Enjoy Colorful Stem Plants

    Colorful stem plants and cosmetic sand add a bright feel to the aquascape. A concave composition is easy to make and recommended for planted aquarium beginners.

    ADA Stängelpflanzen scape 60W


    Image of Aquatic Environment where Characin Lives

    Let your favorite Characin species swim among aquatic plants. You can fully enjoy the attractive tropical fishes in coexistence with aquatic plants.

    ADA Salmler Scape 60W


    An Iwagumi Resembling a Sansui Painting

    By placing Sansui Stones in upright positions, you can enjoy an aquascape in Sansui paintings with towering rocks. This type of aquascape can be made even in a 60cm tank.

    ADA Iwagumiscape 60W


    Source and Copyright of the article/photos - Aqua Design Amano - ADA