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    Lower / increase pH with buffers from Seachem

    Product presentation on the various Seachem buffers

    We offer a vast array of buffer products by Seachem which serve the purpose of managing (raising and lowering) and stabilizing the pH value in an aquarium. In the following we will give more information on the various buffers and their possible combinations.

    Acid Regulator

    Seachem - Acid Regulator - 250 g

    Buffers with the word "Regulator" in their name, are basically buffers containing phosphate aiming at a certain pH value. E.G. the Acid Regulator targets the acidic range from pH 4,5 to 5,5 ab takes care of soft water by precipitating calcium and magnesium. Acidic, soft water is preferred by many tropic, ornamental fish such as tetras and cichlids from South America but also by Southern Chinese invertebrates such as Bee Shrimp (Caridina logemanni) or Taiwan Bees. An enhanced bandwidth of the pH value (up to 6,8) as well as the targeted activation of a specific pH value can be realized by combining the acid regulator with the Neutral Regulator.

    Alkaline Regulator

    Seachem - Alkaline Regulator - 250 g

    The Alkaline Regulator has an alkaline target value of 7,1 to 7,6 which creates a suitable environment for those fish and invertebrates adapted to harder and more alkaline water, such as many rainbow fish and shrimp of the genus Neocaridina davidi including the popular Red-Fire, Red Sakura and many other coloured variants. In combination with the Neutral Regulator you can set and stabilize an exact pH value, too.

    Neutral Regulator

    A useful addition to Seachem’s range of products is the Neutral Regulator, targeting a neutral pH value of 7.

    Seachem - Neutral Regulator - 250 g

    But not only that, Neutral Regulator also neutralizes chlorine, chloramine and ammonium, like a water conditioner would.

    To target a specific pH value, the individual buffer product (Acid- or Alkaline Regulator) can be combined with the Neutral Regulator. For this purpose, corresponding mixing tables are available:

    Link to the mixing table of Acid and Neutral Regulator

    Link to the mixing table of Alkaline and Neutral Regulator

    Discus Buffer

    Seachem - Discus Buffer - 250 g

    Especially for the keeping of discus, the Discus Buffer is recommended. This is also a phosphatic buffer, pushing the pH value into the acidic range. By precipitating calcium and magnesium, softer water is generated, which discus prefer. This buffer can be combined with Neutral Regulator, too to target an exact pH value.


    All products are solids that can simply be added to the water and dissolve there. According to the manufacturer, a re-dosing once a month after a water change is sufficient to keep the pH stable. Through clever combined use of the buffers, exact pH values can be set and kept constant. Furthermore, when using the Neutral Regulators, no further water conditioning measures are necessary to remove toxins like chlorine from the water. The buffer system by Seachem offers all those aquarists deeming water conditioning or rather water making via reverse osmosis and mixing water with hardener salt too much work, appropriate means to control their pH values.