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  • Deeply red low-growing stem plant
  • One of the very few red foreground plants
  • Sets a strong colour accent
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  • Colourful stem plant
  • Wavy, delicate leaves
  • Strong contrast against green plants
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  • One of the most colourful aquarium plants
  • Intensely red leaves
  • Light leaf veins
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  • Very fine delicate leaves
  • Reddish-brown to pink colours
  • Very nice in a large group
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  • Delicate stem plant with very narrow leaves
  • Green to red hues
  • Ramifies well, bushy growth
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  • Also known as Pogostemon stellatus 'Octopus'
  • Very narrow, long leaves
  • Light green with reddish hues
  • Fast growth rate
  • Very easy
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  • Very decorative Anubias selection
  • Small, lanceolate leaves
  • Dark green, glossy
  • Compact growth
  • Very interesting for aquascaping
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  • Very fine-leaved stem plant
  • Longer leaves than Rotala wallichii
  • Light golden brown to pink coloration
Aquaflora - beautiful aquarium plants!

Aquaflora is a nursery located in the Netherlands, which has been spezializing in aquarium- and pond plants since 1965. So this aquatic plant nursery can rely on over 50 years of experience. Nevertheless, Aquaflora uses the latest technology and cultivation methods, such as the cultivation of InVitro plants. The plants are cultivated under absolutely sterile conditions in the laboratory and are therefore free from bacteria, pathogens, algae spores, pests and foreign plants. This is an important innovation in the field of plant aquaristics. Aquaflora is managed by Esther Mous.