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UP Aqua CO2 Diffusor Funnel

UP Aqua CO2 Diffusor Funnel

  • Made of high-quality glass
  • Efficient CO2 atomisation through ceramic membrane
  • Visually very appealing
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The CO2 Diffusor Funnel dissolves up to 98% of the CO2 running through it. Small CO2 bubbles are distributed in the tank and guarantee an optimal CO2 uptake by the water plants. The CO2 Nano diffuser is ideal for small aquascapes, nano scapes and small aquaria. Its compact design and the fact that it is made of glass allow you to place it in your aquarium very unobtrusively. It won't distract the contemplators from the important aspects of an aquascape, like beautiful plants, or colourful fish and shrimps.


  • with high-quality ceramic membrane
  • We recommend this Nano CO2 diffuser for nano aquaria and small tanks of a volume of up to 60 litres
  • compatible with pressurised gas cylinders and limited compatibility with biological CO2 supplying systems (biological CO2 supplying systems need to produce at least a pressure of 1 bar)
  • transparent suction cup included


We recommend to use soft silicone tubing to connect the glassware in order to reduce the risk of glass breakage. The piece of hose used should be kept as short as possible in order to avoid unnecessary CO2 losses.
Silicone hose is not pressure resistant and therefore can not be used for connection to the pressure regulator.


UP Aqua - CO2 Diffusor Funnel
Diffusor diameter 20 mm
Cup height 25 mm
Total height 75 mm
Fits hose für 4/6 mm


When algae start forming on your glassware equipment or when larger and larger bubbles emerge from your ceramic diffusor it is time for cleaning. Glassware is easy to clean, however, it should be done diligently. After the cleaning process, your glassware products will be as good as new.

  • You'll need a household bleach containing chlorine without perfumes. When working with chlorine bleach, please make sure you absolutely observe the manufacturer's safety notes.
  • Pour some of the bleach into a container and mix with an equal amount of water. Mix so much of this solution that the glassware products you wish to clean are entirely covered
  • Soak the glassware in the solution for 1 to 4 hours (depending on the severity of the stains)
  • Take it out and rinse thoroughly
  • Now all the stains ought to be gone, and your glassware should shine as if new

You'll find an extensive how-to (in German) with pictures on our community page Flowgrow.de under Glaswaren reinigen leicht gemacht

UP Aqua

UP Aqua

Innovative products for aquascapers and planted tank keepers. A very good price-performance ratio makes UP aqua's products especially interesting for beginning hobbyists. Besides their particularly efficient inline atomisers, UP Aqua also offers CO2 diffusers made from acrylic glass, which are especially robust. Tools and accessories for aquascaping and planted tank maintenance round off their product range.

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Umut D.
6th December 2013

Design ist in Ordnung und die Membran zerstäubt das CO2 zufriedenstellend.

Der Saugnapf hält allerdings den Diffusor nicht und lößt sich von selbst.

Umut D.
23rd January 2014

Läuft einwandfrei, Design ist gut, lediglich die Saugnäpfe nerven. Sie halten nämlich nicht! Habe noch Saugnäpfe vom ADA Clear Parts Set gehabt mit denen habe ich dann den... (read more)

Tobias F.
Läuft einwandfrei
4th October 2014

Der Diffusor funktioniert bestens sogar mit Bio co2 Anlage marke Eigenbau.

kann diesen Diffusor nur weiterempfehlen tolles Produkt weiter so spitze.

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