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Twinstar RGB LED Light II CA

Twinstar RGB LED Light II CA

  • Length is variable
  • RGBs for colour intensive effect
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Effective light power
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The Twinstar RGB Light II CC (Clear Type) is the new entry-level model in RGB-LED lights, At a very good price-performance ratio it makes the colours in your aquarium seem more intensive - unlike aquarium lights with white LEDs. Green waterplants appear more lush, red aquarium population stand out remarkably and blue to dark shades are very nicely accentuated.

The particular highlight here: this type, installed on an elegant but at the same time not so prominent acryl stand, is extendable. Due to the individual adjustment possibilities it is usable in a lot of rare aquarium designs, that don't have a standardized length.


  • RGB LEDs
  • Colour temperature: 7050 Kelvin
  • LED life: 30.000 hours
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C - 35 °C

Technical data

Twinstar - 300CA
Power consumption 16 W
Luminous flux 1.050 Lumen
Twinstar - 450CA
Power consumption 24 W
Luminous flux 1.470 Lumen
Twinstar - 600CA
Power consumption 29 W
Luminous flux 2.200 Lumen


Twinstar - LED Light - 300CA
Length 300 mm
Width 85 mm
Height 15 mm
Suitable for 30 - 36 cm tank width
Glass thickness up to 8 mm
Twinstar - LED Light - 450CA
Length 500 mm
Width 84 mm
Height 13 mm
Suitable for 45 - 50 cm tank width
Glass thickness up to 8 mm
Twinstar - LED Light - 600CA
Length 500 mm
Width 84 mm
Height 13 mm
Suitable for 60 - 70 cm tank width
Glass thickness up to 8 mm



Twinstar products inhibt algae, promote plant growth and prevent fish diseases. Twinstar helps against hair/thread algae, brown algae, blue/green algae, fuzz algae, green dust algae and green spot algae.

Twinstar products can also help with powerful sterilization of the water to prevent diseases and due to that increases breeding success with shrimps. Twinstar products are used worldwide by well known aquascapers and breeders.

General information

Item no.
EAN 8809417578506
Weight 1,03 kg
Shipping weight 1,10 kg

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