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Söll NitrateRemover

Söll NitrateRemover

  • Filter medium with long-term effect
  • Provides substrate and colonisation surface for bacteria
  • Reduces the nitrate concentration
  • Hardens the water
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NitrateRemover from Söll is a patented filter medium out of two different biopolymers (polyhydroxybutyric acid and polycprolactone). It supports the natural microbial nitrate degradation in the aquarium by providing suitable growth conditions for bacteria.
As the two biopolymers of the nitrate remover are degraded at different rates, pores form on the granulate surface, where microorganisms immediately colonize. Oxygen-free microhabitats are created, in which denitrifying microorganisms, in particular, find favourable conditions for degrading nitrate in the absence of oxygen. The use of NitrateRemover significantly increases the biomass of denitrifiers in the aquarium and increases their metabolic performance.
A combined application of NitrateRemover together with the BioBooster from Söll is highly recommended, as the BioBooster is used to introduce denitrifying bacteria into the tank, which then settle in the filter medium and increase its effectiveness.


  • Creates an anoxic habitat for denitrifying bacteria
  • The nitrate concentration in the aquarium is reduced by microbial degradation
  • Prevents algae growth
  • Reduces stress for fish as less water changes are necessary
  • Long time effective
  • Will be completely degraded over time
  • Increases the carbon hardness (KH) of the water
  • Comes in a mesh bag and is immediately ready for use
  • Combined application with Söll BioBooster recommended


The mesh bag with the NitrateRemover is placed directly in the filter. The nitrate remover will be completely degraded over time. Depending on the nitrate concentration in the water and the water volume, it must be replaced approximately every 6 months.

Söll NitrateRemover Range
60 g 100 l
120 g 200 l
300 g 500 l


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