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Söll AlgoSol Aquaristics

Söll AlgoSol Aquaristics

  • Fast solution to combat green, beard, brush and blue algae
  • Inhibits the metabolism of algae
  • Long lasting effect against algae regrowth
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Söll AlgoSol Aquaristic is a fast acting liquid preparation against an acute green, beard, brush and blue algae infestation, which has a long-lasting effect against the formation of new algae. It contains the active substance complex SpektroSorp. This dye specifically weakens the wavelength ranges of light in the water that are important for algae photosynthesis and thus blocks the algae's metabolism. This ensures a clear view in your aquarium tank.
AlgoSol contains copper sulphate, which in too high concentrations has a harmful effect on invertebrates such as shrimps and snails. When using AlgoSol, the product description and dosage instructions of the manufacturer should therefore be observed.


  • Combats acute algae infestation and prevents algae regrowth
  • Long-lasting effect against all kinds of algae
  • The substance complex SpektroSorp specifically inhibits the photosynthesis of algae
  • SpectroSorb is UV-resistant and harmless to fish and other aquarium inhabitants
  • Contains copper sulphate, to which invertebrates are sensitive
  • For clear water


AlgoSol should be shaken well before use. It is dosed directly into the aquarium as a prevention or at the beginning of algae growth. According to the dosage recommendation, 10 ml AlgoSol* should be added to 100 litres of aquarium water. If beard algae or brush algae appear or if there is a particularly strong growth of algae in the aquarium, increase the dosage to 20 ml per 100 litres of water.

*10 ml AlgoSol per 100 litres of water leads to a copper sulphate content of 180 µg/l

When using algaecides, always read the label and product information in advance and follow the manufacturer's instructions on dosage! Do not use the product prophylactically!

Söll AlgoSol Range
100 ml 1.000 l
250 ml 2.500 l
500 ml 5.000 l

Product safety

Safety information in accordance with GHS


Signalwort: Gefahr

  • H411 Toxic to aquatic life with long-lasting effects

Precautionary statements in accordance with GHS

  • P103 Read label before use.
  • P102 Keep out of reach of children.


General information

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