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Söll 21Elements

Söll 21Elements

  • Tap water treatment for freshwater aquariums
  • Binds heavy metals
  • Neutralises chlorine
  • Contains vitamins and iodine
  • Available in different unit sizes
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Söll 21Elements is a specific liquid nutritional supplement for aquariums, which contains vital minerals, trace elements and water-soluble vitamins. Regular use of 21Elemente optimally supplies aquatic plants, fish and invertebrates with all essential vital substances. This promotes general health and vitality in the aquarium biotope and prevents deficiency symptoms and susceptibility to diseases in both, plants and animals.


  • Complete care for the aquarium
  • Contains essential elements: titanium, cobalt, iodine, manganese, molybdaen, zinc, sodium, sulphur, nitrogen, tin, magnesium, chlorine, aluminium, bromine, iron, potassium, copper, nickel, boron, strontium, and lithium
  • Supplies plants and animals with water-soluble vitamins
  • Avoids deficiency symptoms and diseases in plants and animals
  • For lush plant growth
  • Prevents fish deseases
  • Optimises the filter effect


It is recommended to dose Söll 21elements directly into the aquarium every week. Shake well before use.
According to the dosage recommendation, 10 ml of 21elements should be added to 120 litres of aquarium water.

Söll 21Elements Range
100 ml 1.200 l
250 ml 3.000 l
500 ml 6.000 l
2.500 ml 30.000 l


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