Pteridophyta sp. "Niah"

Pteridophyta sp. "Niah"

  • Fern rarity from Borneo
  • Interesting habit
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This interesting, quite small aquatic fern was found not far from the Niah caves in Sarawak, in the Malaysian part of Borneo. It occurs at and in flowing waters on pebbly bottom. This fern is not yet identified ("Pteridophyta" means "Ferns" in general); probably it belongs to the genus Bolbitis. The loosely ascending, thin, stem-like rhizomes have narrow, serrated, firm, dark-green leaves and long, hardly branched roots. We produce this fern rarity ourselves in our aquaria.

Pteridophyta sp. "Niah" is apparently not demanding, however it grows and propagates very slowly. It can be fastened to rock or wood or to the ground, provided that the rhizome is not buried. According to our experience the roots do not attach themselves to hard surfaces but anchor in the gaps of the hardscape. This farn still grows with little light, however good CO2 and nutrient supply and water current are recommendable. It is easily propagated by trimmings. Apparently the leaves do not develop adventitious plantlets.

This fern from Niah is a rarity, not available in the trade elsewhere. It should be nice for jungle-like aquascapes and stream tanks, possibly together with other aquarium plant specialities from stream biotopes such as Bucephalandra species.

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Miranda B.
Beautiful fern
7th December 2018
Pteridophyta sp. "Niah" - Single plant
Pteridophyta sp. "Niah" - Single plant

Beautiful fern,the photo doesnt do it justice at all and a worthy addition to any planted tank.

As always,packaged very well and arrived in perfect condition.

Jean-Luc C.
Very nice fern
26th August 2018
Pteridophyta sp. "Niah" - Single plant
Pteridophyta sp. "Niah" - Single plant

The photo really depicts what you'll get! A really nice fern with long wavy leaves I hope it will goes on making new leaves during the next months A really unusual fern in the... (read more)

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