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Microbe-Lift Aqua Balance Nitrate Remover/Longterm Care

Microbe-Lift Aqua Balance Nitrate Remover/Longterm Care

  • Helps to remove nitrate
  • Application in fresh and sea water tanks
  • Rapid reduction of organic waste
  • Improves the water quality
  • Preparation with beneficial bacteria
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Aqua Balance from Microbe-Lift is a specially developed mixture of useful bacteria, which are present in the solution in their stable, permanent form (spores). The bacteria spores become active as soon as they encounter suitable anaerobic growth conditions in the aquarium tank. Under these conditions, the bacteria effectively eliminate nitrate as well as decomposed plant material or organic waste, that fish release.
To further accelerate the removal of nirate and pollutants, a combined application with Microbe-Lift Special Blend is recommended.


  • Bacterial preparation with bacteria spores
  • Effective reduction of nitrate
  • Reliable and fast conversion of organic waste
  • Improves the water quality


Aqua Balance is dosed directly into the tank. At the beginning of the application, 5 ml per 100 l of water are added directly into the tank over a period of 4 weeks. As a maintenance dosage, 10 ml are applied to 100 l of water every 2 weeks.
Aqua Balance can be used directly after each routine maintenance of the filter or the change of the filter material. It is recommended to use it even after a medication treatment.



The most important products manufactured by Microbe-Lift are based on a combination of different useful bacteria that further a natural balance in planted tanks or aquascapes.

The bacteria products are biologically degradable. They bring about an improvement of water quality and strengthen the flora and fauna in the tank.

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