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Fluval - Media

The performance of an aquarium filter stands and falls with the quality of the filter media. Fluval offers the right filter material for every conceivable situation. Mechanical filter media such as Bio-Foam or Bio-Foam Max first filter coarse suspended particles such as dead leaf material, impurities or residues from the aquarium water and at the same time provide a colonisation surface for nitrifying bacteria strains.
Biological filtration is achieved with Biomax, for example. Ammonia and nitrite are controllable due to the high settlement surface of the medium and remove the fear of potentially harmful nitrite peaks even in heavily populated tanks.
Chemical filtration at Fluval is achieved by means of refined combined products such as Zeo-Carb. The combination of several components in one filter medium doubles the possibilities of getting rid of water turbidity or bad odours. At the same time, toxic ammonia can be neutralised.
Filter sponges or activated carbon for the all-in-one Aquarium Fluvals must nevertheless be replaced at certain intervals, despite the best quality. For example, when the filter performance decreases due to increasingly clogged filter mats. You will find the appropriate replacement for all Fluvals aquarium systems in our shop.