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Hygrophila salicifolia "Narrow Leaf"

Narrow Willow-leaf Hygrophila

Hygrophila salicifolia "Narrow Leaf"

Narrow Willow-leaf Hygrophila

  • Narrow-leaved stem plant
  • Upright habit
  • Up to 5 cm long leaves
  • Low demands
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Plants of the genus Hygrophila which are cultivated emersedly can occaisonally show small, firm tissue overgrowths ("pustules") on their upper and lower leave side. These are completely harmless and not caused by pest infestation or disease. On newly sprouted submerged leaves these spots will no longer appear.

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This is a smaller, narrower leaved form of the Willow-leaf Hygrophila. It belongs to the Hygrophila ringens group as well as Hygrophila lancea. Its emersed leaves are up to about 5 cm long, the submerged leaves are narrower with somewhat brownish tones. Light purple flowers may appear in the leaf axils of emersed shoots. The submerged shoots grow upright and are hardly branched. They look best when they are allowed to reach a height of about 20-40 cm. The plant grows moderately fast under aquarium conditions.

Like normal Hygrophila salicifolia, this smaller plant is not very demanding but needs a good supply with macro- and micronutrients that are also absorbed from the substrate. CO2 addition is not always necessary but enhances its growth. Medium lighting is sufficient. The favourable temperature range lies between about 20 and 28 °C. As well as other stem plants, it is propagated by cuttings. Frequent trimming leads to slower growth and smaller shoots.

With its medium size, this Hygrophila can be placed in the midground or background and is more recommendable for smaller aquariums than "normal" Hygrophila salicifolia. It is well suited for "plant streets" in the Dutch style and also Asia-themed biotope tanks. When it is not cut back, it grows out of the water and may show its purple flowers. Hygrophila salicifolia is also interesting as emersed plant for paludariums and Wabi-Kusa.

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