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Echinodorus horizontalis

Horizontal swordplant

Echinodorus horizontalis

Horizontal swordplant

  • Medium-sized Echinodorus wild type
  • Distinctive appearance
  • Spreading habit
  • Rather slow growth
  • Hardly available in trade nowadays
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The Horizontal Swordplant originates from inundated forests and rainforest streambanks in tropical South America. Already cultivated since the 1960s and widespread in the hobby in former times, it is now a rarity that is rather available from few hobbyists than in the trade. Unfortunately very different Echinodorus species or hybrids are often produced with the label "E. horizontalis" in nurseries. We cultivate the true E. horizontalis. This particular wild species has firm, elongate-cordate, acuminate leaves with a light to medium green colour. Newly appearing leaves are brownish-pinkish to light brown, later becoming green. As the species name suggests, the leaf blades are horizontally arranged; this plant is broader than tall. It takes a long time until it reaches its maximum height of about 35 cm (at a width of 50 cm), so it fits well in low tanks and the midground, respectively. Nowadays swordplants with green, heart-shaped leaves are rather uncommon in trade, partly tending to grow out of the water (e.g. Echinodorus cordifolius). Echinodorus horizontalis, however, stays reliably under water.

Echinodorus horizontalis is not demanding; medium lighting is sufficient and medium-hard water is well tolerated. The temperature range is 18-28 °C (optimum between 23-26 °C). A nutrient-rich bottom is recommendable for this species that is prone to iron deficiency. It is a rather slow grower, in contrast to many other Echinodorus. Its width of about 35-50 cm should be taken into consideration. Well-growing specimens will develop long inflorescences with few adventitious plantlets. For its emersed culture high air humidity is necessary.

This fairly forgotten Echinodorus species surely deserves more attention in the aquarium hobby; it has a distinct growth habit and differs much from the widely available, countless coloured swordplant hybrids. It should be interesting e.g. for bigger biotope tanks and other nature-inspired layouts. Its spreading habit contrasts well with vertical structures and fine-leaved tall plants such as Eleocharis sp. "montevidensis".

Please be aware that the submerse form of this plant could contain snails and other invertebrates.

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Emrah Y.
Aquaristik ohne die Pflanze geht nicht
7th August 2018
Echinodorus horizontalis - Single plant
Echinodorus horizontalis - Single plant

Ich halte sie erfolgreicher bei pH Werten ab 7-8, pH neutraler Bodengrund ohne CO2 Düngung, pH neutraler Wurzeldünger (regelmäßig), NPK uns Spurenelemente und viel Licht. (read more)