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Bucephalandra sp. "Theia 25"

Bucephalandra sp. "Theia 25"

  • Medium-sized, upright growing Bucephalandra
  • Dark olive-green tones
  • Relatively fast growth for a Bucephalandra
  • Forms dense bushes
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We received this medium-sized Bucephalandra some years ago with the trading name "Theia 25", since then we are propagating it in our aquariums. Species identity and exact location of its natural habitat are unknown to us, however all Bucephalandras are restricted to the island of Borneo where they occur as so-named rheophytes (plants that are adapted to strong current) on rocks and boulders in and along fast-flowing rainforest streams. They attach themselves to the rock by their roots.
Compared to many other Bucephalandra forms, this plant has a relatively high growth rater, like Bucephalandra pygmaea "Bukit Kelam / Sintang" that has also a similar habit..
Under aquarium conditions, the rhizome grows upright and branched like a stem, whereby Bucephalandra sp. "Theia 25" forms at least 15 cm tall, dense bushes. The rhizome is about 3 mm thick. The relatively soft leaves are arranged diagonally upward on the stem, arching, short stalked, with an obovate shape and slightly wavy edges. The leaf blade reaches a length of about 4,5 cm and a width of 1,6 mm. The upper surface is dark olive green, the lower side silvery greyish to brownish, with slightly pinkish tones in the newest leaves.

As virtually all Bucephalandras, "Theia 25" is primarily an epiphyte on rock or wood. It can also be fixed to the bottom, however the rhizome must not be buried to avoid rotting. The plant looks best when grown with medium lighting, good water current and constant nutrient and CO2 supply. It is easily propagated by cutting terminal and side shoots.

Bucephalandra sp. "Theia 25" looks best on or at the base of hardscape in the aquarium midground. With its side shoots, it forms a dense stand with time.

Please be aware that the submerse form of this plant could contain snails and other invertebrates.



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