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Bucephalandra sp. "Black Catherinae"

Bucephalandra sp. "Black Catherinae"

  • One of the most beautiful Bucephalandras
  • Long, narrow, finely crispate leaves
  • Horizontal growth habit
  • Attractive dark colours
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"Black Catherinae" is among the most beautiful Bucephalandra forms. With its long, liear, finely crispate, short-stalked leaves it resembles Bucephalandra catherinae and B. belindae but has a bigger size. Its species identity and exact origin are unknown to us; as well as other Bucephalandra, it occurs on rock along fast-flowing rainforest streams on Borneo. We propagate this Bucephalandra in our aquaria for more than one year.

The slim rhizome grows creeping with ascending top and ramifies moderately; it attaches itself on rock or wood by its roots. The leaves are more or less horizontally arranged. They show beautiful bronze brown to dark olive green tones; the underside are silverish grey with reddish midrib. Young leaves are light orange-brown colored. The leaf blades are about 6-7 cm long and 0.7 cm wide. Also as submerged plant, this Bucephalandra regularly develops its decorative, long stalked inflorescences with light pink spathe.

Bucephalandra sp. "Black Catherinae" is not demanding, however it looks best with moderate lighting, good CO2 and nutrient supply and water current. The growth is very slow. In contrast to several other Bucephalandra, this form is hardly susceptible to perforated leaves. It is primarily an epiphyte for the hardscape but can also be fixed to the ground (the rhizome not buried!). It is easily propagated by cutting the stem tip and branches.

With its narrow, quite long, horizontal leaves, Bucephalandra sp. "Black Catherinae" is an especially attractive epiphyte that also comes to attention in larger tanks. Larger stands, grown undisturbed for a longer period, are particularly beautiful. With its colours, this plant fits well with dark, brownish hardscape and contrasts impressively to freshly green mosses.

Please be aware that the bunch/potted variation of this plant could contain snails and other invertebrates.

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Peter K.
Nice look
1st April 2018
Bucephalandra sp. "Black Catherinae" - Single plant
Bucephalandra sp. "Black Catherinae" - Single plant

This plant have a very interesting look. I had one nice plant in package just with little drops of water so I feared it will be dry but now I see its very durable. (read more)

Chantal S.
Super schön! Für Bucen - Fans ein Muss
22nd March 2018
Bucephalandra sp. "Black Catherinae" - Single plant
Bucephalandra sp. "Black Catherinae" - Single plant

Die beiden Bucen kamen top verpackt und in hervorragender Qualität an! Sobald diese schönen Pflanzen wieder importiert wurden, bestelle ich Nachschub :) Ich kann mich gar nicht... (read more)

Gunnar H.
absolut empfehlenswert
4th September 2017
Bucephalandra sp. "Black Catherinae" - Single plant
Bucephalandra sp. "Black Catherinae" - Single plant

Die langen, stark gewellten Blätter geben dieser Bucephalandra ein sehr interessantes Aussehen. Wächst gut, einfach aufbinden. Wie bei anderen Bucen gibt es keine Probleme.