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  • Innovative RGB-LED system
  • Optimized for water plant aquaria
  • High-class design
  • With softstart function
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With the Aquasky RGB 60 by ADA, there is now a high quality lighting, optimized for aquatic plants, for placing on the aquarium. It is equipped with the innovative RGB LED System that is also successfully used in the Solar RGB. The design is inspired by the Aquasky G, though this model is leaner and made entirely of high-quality metall. That's why this lamp perfectly decks the Cube Garden 60-P or every other aquarium with an edge length of 60 cm.

RGB LEDs create white light by emitting red (R), green (G) and blue (B) light. Red, green and blue hues are perceived as much more pronounced and vivid. Unlike conventional LEDs, which use green, red and blue LEDs or mix white LEDs with other colors, the Aquasky RGB 60 uses a completely different system that not only allows aquatic plants to grow their best, but also to look their best. In the past it was assumed that RGB LEDs were not suitable for aquarium lighting - on the one hand because of the high costs, on the other hand because of the low quality colour rendering. RGB LEDs contain three circuits for red, green and blue light, while white LEDs usually require only one circuit. For this reason the manufacturing costs are higher. The average colour rendering index (Ra) of RGB LEDs is lower because not all natural colours can be reproduced. The Aquasky RGB 60, however, takes advantage of the separate circuits for red, green and blue light and thus offers a very balanced light that is optimally adapted to the needs of aquatic plants. Blue light increases the photosynthesis activity and makes the water appear very clear. Green and red light makes the colours of green and red-leaved plants shine. If these three colours are active at the same time, the colours in the aquarium will shine much more vividly and the tank will appear brighter. In addition to the three primary colours, the secondary colours yellow, purple red and blue-green also appear much brighter under RGB LED light, which in turn emphasises the colours of fish. This feature makes this type of lighting very attractive for aquarium photographers as well. Takashi Amano, the former managing director of ADA, developed the NA Lamp, which even then made the colours of the plants shine more beautifully - with the Aquasky RGB 60 this concept was consistently developed further. The illuminance (lx) of the Aquasky RGB 60 is ensured by 70 RGB LEDs with a maximum power consumption of 40 watts.

The Aquasky RGB 60 is available in silver and black. The black version is a LIMITED EDITION and will only be around for a short time.


  • 70 special RGB-LED chips
  • For water plant aquaria
  • Lean and excellent design
  • Completely made of metall
  • Colours: silver and black (very limited)
  • With softstart function


Width 13,2 cm
Length 60 cm
Height 12,5 cm
Weight 2,75 kg

Technical data

Current consumption 2000 mA ± 5%
Input Voltage AC 100 ~ 240 V 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption 40 W
Illuminance approx. 23000 lux (central illuminance at 10 cm distance)
Colour temperature approx. 9000 ~ 12000 K
LED service life over 30.000 hours (dependent on the operating environment)
Operating temperature range 0 ~ 35 °C



Aqua Design Amano (ADA) is the premium brand in aquascaping and Nature Aquaria. The company was founded by Takashi Amano, who applied the elements of the Japanese art of gardening to planting and decorating aquaria. For Takashi Amano, clearly the focus is on creating especially attractive habitats with his Nature Aquaria and aquascapes. The products manufactured by Aqua Design Amano (ADA) are of a very high quality, they complement the overall effect such a Nature Aquarium has on its contemplators, and they complete the artistic impression of the layout.

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Andrés Felipe H.
Clean and stylish
3rd November 2020
ADA - AQUASKY RGB 60 - silver
ADA - AQUASKY RGB 60 - silver

Very good design and Quality (Like always with ADA Products). I have very good results with this light. Highly recommended.